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Seurico™- Retractable Fast Car Charger

Seurico™- Retractable Fast Car Charger

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🔋 Multi-Device Charging: Featuring dual USB ports and a stretchable line interface, our car charger ensures your devices remain juiced up during drives.

 Ultra-Fast Recharge: With support for PD fast charging, get a mighty 100W output that’s thrice as fast as conventional chargers.

🌀 Customized Reach: A flexible, retractable data cable extends up to 800mm, letting you adjust its length for comfortable device usage while charging.

↩️ Versatile Connectivity: The charger’s adjustable direction means easy device connection from any angle.

🚗 Universal Compatibility: Fits most car models with its cigarette lighter interface, and a distinct digital display lets you keep an eye on your device's battery in real-time.

🔄 It can be used for both cars, crossover suvs and vans.

🔌 Fast-charge a wide range of devices, from iPhones to Samsung Galaxy, and more.

🛡️ Protect your devices with smart chips and durable materials.

💡 Safeguard your car battery as the charger only draws power when the car is running.

Effortless Multi-Device Powering

Equipped with dual USB ports and a uniquely stretchable line interface, our advanced charger ensures your devices stay powered, eliminating the need for multiple tangled cables and streamlining your drive.

Intuitive Design for Ultimate Driving Comfort

No more fidgeting for cables during those crucial driving moments. Our intuitive design emphasizes safety and convenience. Allowing drivers to remain laser-focused on the road, ensuring an optimal driving experience for everyone.

Seamless Integration in Every Drive

Whether you're solo on a business trip or on a weekend getaway with family, the adaptable nature of our retractable cables ensures convenient charging, always aligned with your needs. Make each ride smoother and more enjoyable with the perfect charging.

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